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The Facebook post that started this idea off

The Facebook post that started it all

The Facebook post that started it all

Really not sure how this is going to pan out, but I cook enough Italian food, eat enough Italian food, talk enough (too much?) about Italian food. So, let’s go!

I’ve already been to Cimitero della Porta Sante (well very close to), and missed my chance, so I’ll just have to go back.

First practical step on the journey will be an Italian Feast, which is a celebration of the trip that Ruth and I took to Italy for our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  A big chunk of that trip was a week with Cucina della Terra, and draws heavily on the lessons and recipes that we learn there.

The menu:

grissini wrapped in proscuitto
salt and rosemary grissini
salumi di cinghiale
pane (baguette-sized)
Rosemary and balsamic marinated kalamata olives
Smoked Sicilian green olives
Papadella con ragu di cinghiale
pane (viena) for scarpetta
involtini al pollo
pane (viena) for scarpetta
Panforte di Siena
Nuts & chocolate
Piatto di formaggi